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Metronome touch.

Need help using Metronome touch? Watch short video tutorial on how to use it.
Reading FAQ below the video ist recommended to get more specific answers, too

Video Tutorial


Specific Answers

  How To's:  
  • How to start and stop pendulum?
    Start: slide pendulum to left or right. Stop: tap display once.
  • How to set up a specific bpm?
    1) tap and slide metronome’s weight.
    2) use up & down arrows.
    3) tap on bmp to enter digits.
    4) double tap on bpm to tap2bpm.

  • How to save a preset?
    Tap m (memory) button to open presets display. Tap and hold memory-slot until red highlight will appear. This saves current bpm, beat count and accentuation.
  • How to load a preset?
    Tap m (memory) button to open presets display. Tap memory-slot.
  • AirSync - how to connect devices?
    1) activate just bluetooth OR deactivate bluetooth and connect 2 or more devices to same WIFI network.
    2) tap on sync button to open AirSync display.
    3) place devices side by side and apply to all NEW SYNC.
    4) Clap hands once, loud and crisp. Check all devices confirmed "AirSync".
    5) Choose one device to be HOST and JOIN remaining devices.
    6) Tap OK. Use metronome host as usual. All joined devices will follow.
    Notice: bluetooth
    connection will need some seconds to push joined device's pendulum! Notice: Create new sync to all devices if unsynced devices like to join or previous sync hast expired.
  • iPod background music - how to start?
    Simply start Metronome touch first and then switch to iPod app. Start a song and switch back to Metronome touch. iPod background music requires multitasking in iOS.

Issues' answers:

  • No Sound?
    Check mute switch and volume on the side of your device.
    iPad users please also have a closer look here:
  • Prevent auto-lock?
    Metronome touch uses a smart technology that automatically prevents device's auto-lock when it is swinging. If it is not in use, Metronome touch allows the device to auto-lock depending on what time is set in settings app.

  • AirSync - WIFI accuracy or drop out
    AirSync's performance is reliant on quality of your WIFI network! To ensure best accuracy and performance of pendulum syncronisation be sure of a strong WIFI signal. Depending on your WIFI station and network load AirSync is able to keep 3 to 8 and even more devices in sync.
    Router's capacity limit is reached if any synced devices won't follow the host anymore.
    Recommended WIFI stations such as:
    AASTRA DeTeWe RFP 42 WLAN (+++)

    Apple AirPort Express Base Station (++)
    AVM Fritz!Box 7390, 7240, 7170 (+)


Please report us any details on further issues (contact info below).

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