Metronome Touch

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Gorgeous design, incredibly precise, intuitive and realistic.

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Fast engine.

Fast engine.

A completely new developed technology under the hood makes it one of the most precise pendulum metronomes available on the App Store. Highest accuracy on all devices from tempo 20 up to 999 bpm.

Beat Pattern.

Beat pattern.

Choose beat count from 1 up to 12 beats and free customizable accentuations. Set breve rests and individual volumes for every tick.

Sounds and Styles.

Sounds and Styles.

Customize Metronome Touch to your likes and needs. Choose between dark and light design as well as chosen professional metronome sounds.

All in sync.

All in sync.

Yes! It can synchronize pendulums. This opens completely new ways for practicing, performing on stage or studio recordings. Metronome Touch even goes far beyond that: Ableton Link compatibility opens up new paths to cooperate with so many more products you may work with as well.

Unlimited Presets.


There is an infinite number of customizable presets to save your favorite sets of bpm, time signature, accentuation and individual volume for every tick.

Razor Sharp.

Razor sharp.

Metronome Touch comes with a complete set of vector graphics for all display sizes and looks simply perfect on your device.


Better than ever.

Metronome Touch provides professional tools that let you take your music to the next level. The all-new technology architecture elevates your experience in many ways, excellent vector graphics for all displays lead to intuitive and fast input options. New enhanced capabilities for synchronization. And an even more stunning fast engine for highest accuracy on all supported devices.

Better than ever.
Immerse in pure precision.
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